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Will Desperate GOP “Establishment” Rally to Romney?

By: Matt Latimer, Politico.com

September 15, 2015

In a tastefully furnished conference room somewhere in the nation’s capital, leaders of the GOP establishment are popping antacids and shaking their heads. Donald Trump is the face of their party now — and there’s no stopping him.

In the latest CNN poll, his lead has grown, due to increased support among two groups they assumed would grow to hate him: Republican women and college graduates. Every candidate challenging The Donald has seen his numbers drop. Ben Carson may be next over his rather dubious decision to attack Trump on illegal immigration — the issue that propelled Trump to first place in the first place.

If only there were someone out there who could appeal to establishment voters, but also engender support from the rank and file. An outsider who has never worked in Washington. Someone with some “high energy,” without the need for caffeine.

Bet they all wish they’d been a little nicer to Mitt Romney now.

When the former Republican nominee first mused about entering the 2016 race, way back in January, he received a harsher welcome than the Apple Pencil. Nasty editorials. Anonymous quotes. Condemnation from pundits who used to champion him. Dismissive comments from donors.

Now these same Romney bashers would be the first to climb to the top of the tallest building on K Street and light up the Bat Signal for him. Or to use another analogy, Obi-Wan Ke-Romney, you’re their only hope.

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Coming from Politico, nobody should expect this piece by Matt Latimer to proffer any advice that might actually help conservatism or the Republican Party. He lives in a mythical world where the Republican “Establishment” and grassroots voters might share some common ground, ignoring the fact that the GOP Inner Circle sees conservative America not as their base, or even a part of their base, but as an annoying obstacle to be overcome. The faux “encouragement” Latimer offers here is almost comical as a transparent effort to bait the GOP into rallying around Romney for yet another senseless loss to the Democrats in 2016.

Donald Trump has them scared inside the Beltway. All of them. And in the true spirit of “bipartisanship” that Democrats invariably claim (whenever they want Republicans to capitulate to their agenda), the fear Trump instills in them plainly “reaches across the aisle.” Liberals see their current unchecked dominance of the political scene possibly coming to an abrupt end. And their collaborating minions inside the GOP, who have deplorably maintained a fa?ade of conservatism while aiding and abetting the liberal onslaught on every occasion, are being forced to show their true allegiances and ideology to a public that vehemently detests such things.

Barack Obama, with his glittering but empty 2008 rhetoric of “hope and change,” was victorious against John McCain, a weak candidate who had depleted any trust the nation might have had in him by his constant betrayals of the political “Right” at crucial legislative junctures. By 2012 however, America was thoroughly fed up with the social, economic and diplomatic disaster that was the Obama Administration. It would take a particularly inept and uninspiring challenger to lose under such circumstances. Fortunately, for the liberals at least, the GOP “Establishment” had just such a man in Mitt Romney.

So why should we be surprised that both the RINOs and the Democrats (to the degree that any real distinction between them exists) might look to Romney to save them from an inevitable “day of reckoning” in the event of a Trump victory? Clearly, the goal of both groups is to preserve the status quo, even if America gravely suffers in the process. As a matter of fact, liberals see that as an added benefit, while the typical Republican “Establishment” type is merely indifferent to such a possibility.

It is particularly noteworthy that, while trying to be insightful and reasoned, Latimer merely rolls out the standard “to do list” of Washington D.C. “business as usual” as his advice for a Romney victory. In summation, Romney should posture and pontificate like Trump, while still being Romney. No doubt that would fill many stadiums full of cheering Romney minions, and suck the air right out of Donald Trump’s world.

The fact that Romney, and the Beltway insiders, could actually entertain such delusional notions, proves that the lot of them are completely out of touch and haven’t a clue as to what the people on Main Street are thinking. Americans are clearly not rallying to Donald Trump because they don’t currently have the luxury of Mitt Romney as an alternative. Moreover Romney, despite any disingenuous “makeover” that “Ruling Class” Republicans might accomplish, still represents everything about them that has disenfranchised the American people in recent years.

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3 Comments on Will Desperate GOP “Establishment” Rally to Romney?

  1. Attempting to persuade Romney to poney up as a Third party canidate simply puts icing on the cake for the grassroots and backers of Trump. Despicable and not surprising move if it happens.

  2. Mitt Romney–is as evil as they come. He is not a Biblical Christian, nor is he a genuine conservative–he’s not conservative in any honest sense. He brought the socialized medicine debacle to MA, he brought gun bans and greater restrictions to MA, he brought Sodomite marriage to MA–and much more wickedness besides. Mitt Romney is very much like Barack Obama–Mitt Romney is a Marxist democrat with an R behind his name, i.e., establishment RINO. See his evil political record fOr yourself: http://tinyurl.com/nk7py3y

  3. What more can be said Chris …you hit the nail on the head once again. If they resurrect Mitt ..Trump will surely be propelled to victory! Mitt had his chance But stood silent on Benghazi A moment in the debate when he could have shined BUT FAILED …proving he’s not the type of leader AMERICANS need right now

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