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Trump’s Faux “Conservative” Attackers Inadvertently Catapult Him

Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post

September 7, 2015

With Donald Trump far in the lead and Dr. Ben Carson in second (and moving up) in national and early state polls, oddly that means plenty of good news for the rest of the pack.

First, candidates who were once thought to be improbable but are more serious and knowledgeable than Trump and Carson look strong by comparison. Compared with them, Carly Fiorina seems like an establishment figure. A freshman senator may not be seen as unqualified compared with someone with no elective office experience.

Second, aside from the top two, the rest of the pack has flattened out. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is not in a much different position than, say, former Florida governor Jeb Bush. Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.), who some critics have said has not engaged enough in the early states, is even with candidates such as Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.), who have been at practically every cattle call and GOP gathering in the early states. Former Texas governor Rick Perry might get a new lease on life by getting 2 percent to 3 percent in Iowa. In other words, the rest of the field is essentially tied, the contest among them effectively resets and starts from a new, level starting place (in low single digits).

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For possibly the hundredth time since Donald Trump announced that he was running for president, the usual suspects among the mainstream media have declared his candidacy to be fading into oblivion. In this particular case, it is Washington Post token “Conservative” Jennifer Rubin, though her convoluted “analysis” could have come from George Will, Charles Krauthammer, or Karl Rove.

Admittedly, Rubin’s rhetorical gymnastics have reached new extremes. Having resigned herself to the likelihood that Trump’s popularity will continue to rise while such RNC darlings as Jeb Bush continue to languish in the bleacher section, she now insists that their inability to connect with America at this juncture is a “good” sign. Facing the possibility that their hold on political power may be about to implode, these “Ruling Class” mouthpieces are desperate to find some means to stay in the fight. Concocting such pretenses out of thin air is as good as any.

Rubin’s assessment of the political landscape, along with her previous commentary on Trump, epitomizes standard political insider strategizing. Her transparently desperate ploy of denigrating both Trump himself and common citizens who have embraced him is textbook Alinsky, despite ostensibly coming from the “right.” And though such manipulations were successful in previous election cycles, they finally have been exposed and are no longer working.

So, predictably, the response from the Republican establishment is to increase the shrillness of its attacks. Yet such flailing still proves to be futile. America has seen the abysmal results of rallying to candidates declared “most electable” by the party bosses. In 2008 it was John McCain, followed by Mitt Romney four years later.

Two stark truths emerged from those electoral fiascos. First, Republican “experts” from inside the Beltway no longer have credibility outside of their cloistered circles. Secondly, their picks are never based on what might be in the best interests of the people on Main Street, but are instead only focused on the fortunes of the GOP. In both contests, conservatives across America knew that if by some miracle, “their guy” actually won the general election, the immediately pressing task would be to try to prevent him from totally abandoning conservatism. That is not the foundation on which to build an energetic, winning grassroots movement.

Also during that time, the groundswell of real conservatism that resulted in the congressional Tsunamis of 2010 and 2014 put John Boehner and Mitch McConnell into the leadership positions of their respective houses of Congress. Such stunning victories, laid squarely at the feet of the Republican bosses, only resulted in betrayal and continual surrender to the Obama agenda. Consequently, the people of America are now fully aware that with the very fate of the nation hanging in the balance, the Party Elites simply cannot be trusted.

With a nation appalled at the outrages and abuses of power by the Obama Administration, horrified by the subhuman evils of Planned Parenthood, and inflamed by Obama’s treasonous collaboration with Iran as it pursues the atom bomb, the Republicans have been in a prime position to rally the American people and drive the forces of liberalism back. Instead, the only visible energy from the “leadership” has been directed at undermining and silencing the conservative base, in the very same manner that they daily endeavor to politically destroy Donald Trump. And the parallel nature of these efforts have not gone unnoticed by the American people.

When Donald Trump is assessed on an issue-by-issue basis, he does not embody the traditional principles of conservatism. Yet when people consider the possibility of whether or not a particular candidate would, if elected, move the conservative standard forward or continue its retreat, Trump suddenly emerges from the mires of Republican “business as usual,” and distinguishes himself a formidable leader who might just succeed at “Making America Great Again.”

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2 Comments on Trump’s Faux “Conservative” Attackers Inadvertently Catapult Him

  1. Bottom line is believe nothing from a commentary opinion from The Washington Post or any other Lame Stream Media. Authors are relentless in continuing in their quest to think for the American People. 75% of the American People yes “We the People” lean to conservative values, Freedom, Religious Liberty and belief in our Constitution unlike the renigades appointed to the Supreme Court. Just ask Kay Davis. The majority that are paying attention see through the shroud of human injustice within the SCOTUS and other elites trying to guide opinions in the wrong direction. #Gretna said tonight the Tea Party was a failure, she has not been paying attention to the “Sleeping Giant” rather wanting her beliefs to be subliminally transferred to the minds of followers. Nothing is ever what it seems. It’s not over till it’s over. November 2016 will tell the tale, if voter fraud and the uninformed are outgunned. As we say in #Texas. God Bless this United States.

  2. The RINOS & Their STOOGES, just like the LIBS & Their HATE MACHINE/Propagandists, are being taken down by a Strategy. The Funny Part, is that their Pride & Ideology, along with their DESPERATION to be in power, won’t allow them to see They Are Being Played for SUCKERS! #NoRINOS2016

    Trump & Cruz have both shown “How to Make a “Hostile Media” Work For You” http://paratisiusa.blogspot.com/2012/09/an-open-letter-to-those-who-should-know.html?spref=tw


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