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The MSM is now in the bag for Carly Fiorina

CNN is already touting their new poll showing that Carly Fiorina has shot up into second place behind Donald Trump.

Carly is supposed to be an “outsider”, but she attracted very little attention until after it became evident that the RINO establishment favorite Jeb Bush was going nowhere fast. Likewise, Rubio and Walker have failed to catch fire with the base.

Like “magic”, Carly finds her way into the main event with some debate rule changes. Tons of praise is then heaped on her performance by the press. It would appear that the GOP establishment has gone to still another “fallback” plan in order to take out Donald Trump.

The problem is that Carly has more flaws than a cheap diamond. Capitol Hill Outsider writer Kelleigh Nelson penned a recent column about Fiorina that shines a light revealing some of those flaws. Carly is not a true “outsider” at all. The fact that suddenly she has become a “darling” is transparent to say the least. Even if Carly Fiorina were to actually gain enough traction to win the nomination, the press would wind up turning on her – just like they did with John McCain and Mitt Romney.

Posted by Chip McLean


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  1. Megan McCain called Fiorina “my girl Carly”. That’s enough of a turn-off for me, besides Fiorina is no “Lilly White”…

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