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Marco Rubio is just Jeb Bush in a Ricky Ricardo mask

babalooFor some reason, the last couple of days have seen the MSM hawking Marco Rubio. Whether it’s FOX, AP or the New York Times, they all seem to be running more headlines about Rubio than about Jeb Bush. Of course they’ve also been fawning all over Carly Fiorina as well, but she’s only a decoy in the effort to take out Donald Trump.

Why the sudden media interest in Rubio? Even?สล็อตออนไลน์ผ่านมือถือFOX’s own poll shows him well back at 9%. The answer is that in the same poll, the establishment favorite Jeb Bush is now even lower at 7%. Perhaps recognizing that Bush is on the wane and that Rubio is on the rise (somewhat), Trump referred to Rubio as a “clown”?while speaking to a Values Voters group on Friday. A number of those in attendance booed Trump for the remark.

I would suggest to those who booed, that whether or not one believes that Donald Trump would do a good job of representing constitutionally based values or not, there is no reason whatsoever to believe that “gang-of-eight” Marco Rubio would fit the bill. The reality is that Marco Rubio is nothing more than Jeb Bush wearing a Ricky Ricardo mask.

So, all together now, “Baba-loo!”


Chip McLean
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2 Comments on Marco Rubio is just Jeb Bush in a Ricky Ricardo mask

  1. Funny how the attention is directed toward controversial canidates, or is the Media building the controversy. Either way seems as if most Media goes far out of their way to, should we say “ignore Cruz” as much as possible. Or is it just me that interoperates with a different point of view. Megyn Kelly even mentioned she has never seen Cruz like this, speaking of his dynamic speech at the VVS15 conference. I wonder where has she been?

    • Good question Patricia. We all know Cruz is dynamic and brilliant in both the content and delivery of his message. The GOP “Establishment” (of which Kelly is clearly a member) remains ignorant of reality because it conflicts with their concocted “worldview.” That’s how they end up in such absurdities as believing Jeb Bush to be a viable candidate. We, at the grassroots, know full well that if he ends up as the nominee, it will be a set up.

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