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Lindsey Graham defends not using email – says he’s a “people person”

With the Hillary Clinton? private email scandal gearing up, Lindsey Graham recently told bloomberg.com?that he has “never sent” an email.

The South Carolina senator went on to say, “The next president of the United States needs to be good with people, not just technology. And I think I’m good with people.”

Emails notwithstanding, as a South Carolinian, I can attest to Graham’s skills with people…mainly the ones who come here illegally. Lindsey Graham has never met an illegal alien he didn’t like, nor an amnesty program that would bring even more of them here to take jobs from U.S. citizens and swamp our welfare system.

I would send an email to let him know what I think, but I don’t guess he’ll read it…

Chip McLean
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