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George Will: Guardian of The GOP “Establishment”

George F. Will, Opinion Writer

Washington Post, August 12, 2015

In every town large enough to have two traffic lights there is a bar at the back of which sits the local Donald Trump, nursing his fifth beer and innumerable delusions. Because the actual Donald Trump is wealthy, he can turn himself into an unprecedentedly and incorrigibly vulgar presidential candidate. It is his right to use his riches as he pleases. His squalid performance and its coarsening of civic life are costs of freedom that an open society must be prepared to pay.

When, however, Trump decided that his next acquisition would be not another casino but the Republican presidential nomination, he tactically and quickly underwent many conversions of convenience (concerning abortion, health care, funding Democrats, etc.). His makeover demonstrates that he is a counterfeit Republican and no conservative.

He is an affront to anyone devoted to the project William F. Buckley began six decades ago with the founding in 1955 of the National Review — making conservatism intellectually respectable and politically palatable. Buckley’s legacy is being betrayed by invertebrate conservatives now saying that although Trump “goes too far,” he has “tapped into something,” and therefore.?.?.?.

Therefore what? This stance — if a semi-grovel can be dignified as a stance — is a recipe for deserved disaster. Remember, Henry Wallace and Strom Thurmond “tapped into” things. In 1948, Wallace, FDR’s former vice president, ran as a third-party candidate opposing Harry Truman’s reelection. His campaign became a vehicle for, among others, communists and fellow travelers opposed to Truman’s anti-Soviet foreign policy. Truman persevered, leaders of organized labor cleansed their movement of Soviet sympathizers, and Truman was reelected.

Conservatives who flinch from forthrightly marginalizing Trump mistakenly fear alienating a substantial Republican cohort. But the assumption that today’s Trumpites are Republicans is unsubstantiated and implausible. Many are no doubt lightly attached to the political process, preferring entertainment to affiliation. They relish their candidate’s vituperation and share his aversion to facts. From what GOP faction might Trumpites come? The establishment? Social conservatives? Unlikely.

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It is difficult to determine whether George Will has remained within the confines of the GOP “Establishment” for so long that he actually believes what he writes, or if he’s so steeped in conceit and self-absorption that he’s convinced he can alter reality by the sheer power of his baseless assertions. In either case, it is glaringly apparent that he and his kind have completely lost touch with the nation that surrounds them. And in the face of a Tsunami of grassroots rejection of the D.C status quo (as epitomized by the meteoric political rise of Donald Trump), they flail desperately as they seek to maintain their place at the epicenter of “politics as usual.”

Will’s consuming arrogance literally drips from every line of this piece. Starting with his indictment of small-town America, not as the homeland of those people who made the nation great, but as a crude place where mindless loudmouths congregate at the local bars to parade their ignorance. Perhaps it would surprise Mr. Will to find that those people at the bars and coffee shops across this land are the same ones who planted the crops, built the bridges, and died in the wars so that he and his erudite cohorts could bask in their ease, comfort, and safety as they espouse their insipid worldviews.

Admittedly, Donald Trump has changed his positions on several key issues, and the genuineness of those changes needs to be carefully assessed. However, out here in the hinterlands, the peasantry (that’s you and me) have been wondering just how dismal Barack Obama might make things before people begin waking up to the scope of the damage. Should we then unilaterally condemn someone like Trump for apparently having undergone just such an awakening?

Moreover, while Donald Trump has endeavored to do some major philosophical house-cleaning (and that’s as it should be), it is the likes of George Will who appear to be incorrigibly trapped in their elitist mindsets, presuming it is they who know all the right questions and have all the right answers.

Consider Will’s insinuation that Trump supporters are neither conservative nor “Republican.” From Will’s lofty vantage point, “conservatism” is defined by the late William F. Buckley who broke stride with the political forces of his day to consolidate conservative thinking with his creation of “National Review.” Well good for Mr. Buckley, but that was more than a half-century ago. Much has changed since then. However, those changes apparently have not altered the focus of the self-serving “Ruling Class” inside the Beltway.

Elsewhere, Will tipped his hand by constructing a bogus rebuttal to critics of Republican “Business as usual.” Claiming that those who are angry with House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority “Leader” Mitch McConnell should really be angry with James Madison, Will condescendingly deflected criticism with vacant claims that abhorrent trends and events in Washington somehow result from the constitutional “separation of powers.”

In Will’s alternative universe, Obama isn’t engaged in unconstitutional overreaches, while meeting no resistance on Capitol Hill. Rather, it is the Congress that isn’t in any position to check Obama’s abuses of power. Such an allegation leaves readers with one of only two conclusions. Either George Will has remained totally ignorant of the manner in which Boehner and McConnell have lied, maneuvered and collaborated with the Obama Administration in order to put it fully in the “driver’s seat,” or he presumes his readers to be clueless, and intends to keep them that way.

In any case, it is clear that George Will has a deep-seated contempt for average citizens across America who reject open borders, profligate federal spending, and the general trampling of their rights. In keeping with this, he is doing his utmost to mock and marginalize the American people who passionately reject such a fate.

Reading George Will’s commentary in its entirety, it becomes grimly obvious why liberals in both parties have prevailed and, despite major “Republican” gains in 2010 and last fall, the leftist assault on America continues unabated. Liberals don’t surrender under the auspices of “separation of powers,” or spend time concocting scholarly sounding alibis to concede political defeat. They strive to win.

It’s high time that grassroots America commits to do likewise.

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13 Comments on George Will: Guardian of The GOP “Establishment”

  1. George, In a nutshell, YOU are an example of why Trump leads in all national polls and will be nominated and then POTUS. You are a typical example of an out-dated, basically do-nothing, lazy part of the GOP machine in America. We are fed-up with you all now. We voters will put Trump in because we are fed up with people catering to lobbyists, taking their money, and not looking out for the people that put them in office. Congratulations Will, YOU, Karl Rove, the Koch brothers and others have helped put Trump right into the White House. God willing, and I pray He is, Trump will exceed what we have in Washington (on both sides of the aisle).

  2. Lee McGinty // August 23, 2015 at 4:26 am // Reply

    He needs to look around at his GOP establishment friends, they and they alone are responsible for Trumps success because they haven’t delivered on promises made.Hell we weren’t any worse off with Dems in control,need to get off there collective ass’s and get something done clock is ticking

  3. George Will, is a thing of the Past ! His views are from
    the years of the Flood. This is 2015, over 15 years into
    the new Century ! Where has that Rip-Van-Winkle been ?

    George Will, is just attempting to do a ” Hack Job on Trump “.
    For the Establishment Of course. He is bought and Paid For Too.
    His wife is working on another Republican’s Campaign. Shameful,
    and He calls himself a ‘Columnist’. He is acting more like a
    “Snobbish-Elitist-Idiot…and Spoiled-Rotten He Stinks,even at that .

  4. Part of Will’s problem might be his wife works for Walker’s campaign..

    The other part might be his undying loyalty to to “The Party”. There’s an entire group of Republican and Democratic party elitists, who, like Hitler’s Nazis, Stalin’s Communists and Saddam’s Ba’athists put political party ahead of the people or the needs of the country.

    George Washington warned us that happen eventuallly.

  5. Will and Trump are about the same age, both aging men, but it is interesting how differently they have reacted to the absurdities of the Obama regime. Will cynically shrugs; Trump says, “What the hell is going on, and decides to jump into the arena.” I don’t know if I want Trump as President, but I do know that history has thrown up some unlikely men as President. Jackson was not welcomed by the East Coast elites, and now they have once again written him off. Neither was Teddy Roosevelt. Trump is such an outsize character. So we will see what we shall see.

  6. Will is comfortably ensconced in his confortable salon with his democratic buddies, getting his multi-million dollar checks for his pontifications, while completely losing touch with the angry Republican rank and file that see their aspirations crushed by a do nothing, see nothing, and say nothing Republican Congress. More of the same will not do. Trump is the iconoclast who will break up the club, and at this point it can’t get any worse than it presently is.

  7. Will has shown his hand!We now see his stunning condescension towards “we the people”,who are thinking for ourselves. All the current elitists’ attitudes are offensive, as they cloak themselves in their smug, self-righteous EGOs! Let us not forget Obama dismissively saying “they cling to their guns & bibles”! This brazen disrespect to voters is beyond unacceptable!

  8. It will be very interesting to see how far Trump wants to take this endeavor. I have the suspicion that a President Trump might go a long way towards correcting the damage inflicted by certain past presidents.

  9. John Deardeuff // August 23, 2015 at 8:37 pm // Reply

    None of this comes as any surprise to Mark Levin listeners. I could quote many of his best phrases here in response to Will’s drivel. Yet, we’re all well advised to tune in nightly @6pm eastern for an accurate dissection of history and of today’s events. Will and the rest of his compatriots at the Bush Family Network are a disgrace.

  10. I previously was under the impression Wills was a right-leaning Conservative as I suspect many others were under the impression that he leaned conservative. I only found out recently that is false. As to Trump, sincere or not he is definitely shaking things up and my opinion on this is that it will ultimately help Cruz ( I hope) . Does Trump have a real shot at being the GOP nominee? My current suspicions of Trump tell me hope not, but time will tell.

    • Patricia you’ve hit the nail on the head. Trump is not all he purports to be, but the continuous stalemate In DC makes him a fresh face speaking what most Americans are feeling. A third Obama term (Hilary), would be a disaster for our country. You have a great day.

  11. @OPAS112396 // August 25, 2015 at 6:45 am // Reply

    Regardless of your choice, we all have to vote for the Republican candidate that wins. If Trump wins, then every one of us must vote for Trump. God works in mysterious ways, and a man that has a fire in him to save our country appears unexpectedly out of nowhere. If you are one of those that ever said,”God help us” remember that “God helps those that help themselves” God cannot vote, but WE can, and it is up to us “TO HELP OURSELVES” and vote for Donald Trump whether he is your choice or not. United WE WIN, divided we fall, and so does America. Many are trying to crucify him, yet he keeps going. Are you going to turn your back on this man too? Trump will spend MILLIONS of dollars to save America, all WE have to do is go to the polls and VOTE for Trump or for whoever the Republican nominee is.

  12. Warren Rosenbaum // August 25, 2015 at 6:47 am // Reply

    Wow! Great comments and a refreshing reminder of yestermonths from Chris Adamo when I followed him weekly for his five-star analysis and equally rated ability to state that analysis for conservative readers like me. Everyone here seems to appreciate the cage-rattling that Trump has done, not only shocking the other contenders into a higher level of awareness, but giving most Americans who are disgusted with politics as usual, a hope that we will turn this country around and return to the path of our heritage. Let’s Make America Great Again!

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