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Fox News Joins GOP Establishment In Attacking Trump

FoxNews.com July 9, 2015

Washington- The head of the Republican National Committee called GOP presidential contender Donald Trump and told him he had “hit a nerve” with his recent controversial comments on Mexican immigrants, Trump confirmed Thursday in a tweet. But he challenged a Washington Post report that Priebus told Trump to tone down his comments during an hour-long phone call.

Trump, blasting what he called “false reporting,” claims the conversation lasted just 10 minutes. Fox News confirmed a telephone call did take place between the two GOP figures, but what was discussed is unclear. “They had a respectful conversation spanning a range of topics,” a spokesperson for the RNC told Fox News. The Post, though, reports Priebus spent an hour on the phone with Trump about comments he made during his presidential campaign announcement on June 16 that has created a backlash and alarmed Republicans across the country.

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending the best,” Trump said during his June announcement. “They’re not sending you, they’re sending people that have lots of problems and they’re bringing those problems. They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime. They’re rapists and some, I assume, are good people, but I speak to border guards and they’re telling us what we’re getting.

Top Democrats and Republicans have called Trump out for his comments.

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Rinotracker response from Chris Adamo:

If Americans on Main Street want to know how they’re losing their country, losing the language, and even losing their ability to even complain about it, they need merely look at the increasingly vicious onslaught against Donald Trump.? His sanctimonious assailants claim the “moral high ground” as they denounce any effort to speak up on behalf of America. Apparently, it is hateful and vile to warn that a criminal element is coming across the nation’s southern border, unwanted by a corrupt Mexican government that distributes official pamphlets explaining how to access American welfare, food-stamps and all of the “benefits” of the nanny-state.

In this “report” from Fox News, Trump is castigated and denounced as “controversial” while his critics from both parties are treated as patriotic defenders of the American ideal. Except that they are nothing of the kind. Those who decry Trump’s candid commentary are doing so on the basis that it is somehow wrong to warn of the detrimental effects of the illegal invasion. Yet it is well established that illegals comprise a major percentage of the American prison populations (majorities in some regions). Moreover, since Trump first stirred up this hornet’s nest among the “Ruling Class,” Americans have been faced with a daily litany of ongoing violent crimes and atrocities, committed against Americans by foreigners who have no legal basis to be here.

Yet the plight of these innocent Americans is being sidestepped and even ignored by both the Democrats and the RINOs, in order to focus on the real crime that has them outraged… speaking truth to their self-serving power. And Donald Trump has done just that, to the general agreement of Americans who love their country and intend to pass it on to their posterity.

In this report, Trump was lectured by Reince Priebus, the insipid chairman of the Republican National Committee. Priebus, who in the wake of the 2012 elections insisted that the GOP must move left, now asserts that forthrightness in confronting the border crisis somehow poses a detriment to the Republican Party and should be “reined in.” Apparently, among Priebus and his cohorts, pandering and waffling is what the party really needs in the upcoming presidential election. No doubt they believe such invertebrate cowardice will miraculously work better this time than in the past several elections when that brilliant stratagem was employed.

Sadly, on display here is not just a pathetic capitulation by the GOP. We are also seeing the ugly reality behind the supposedly objective Fox News. Rather than dealing with the tsunami of illegals from the perspective of Americans who have lost their jobs, seen their wages depressed, and faced growing gang violence, the story focuses on how Washington insiders feel about Trump’s usage of harsh language to properly characterize a harsh situation. From their reference to the illegals as “Mexican immigrants,” to their contention that Trump “alarmed Republicans across the country,” Fox is deliberately abetting the false narrative of the border fiasco.

Consider also the opinionated sources Fox relied on to produce this “news” story. In light of this flagrant effort to disparage Trump, it must be concluded that Fox’s self-professed “fair and balanced” reporting now includes regurgitating the leftist bias of the Associated Press and the Washington Post. No doubt in another effort to present themselves as “even handed,” Fox flatly states that Trump has been called out for his statements by “top Democrats and Republicans.” Yet conservatives have long known what is really afoot when “leaders” of both parties are in agreement. The political class wins, while America loses.

Trump must realize at this point that he’s single-handedly confronting the entire globalist political establishment and their “Politically Correct” censorship of inconvenient information. If he prevails, their house of cards is likely to implode on itself, since America would see, firsthand, how to oppose their despotic behavior. So it is no wonder they are throwing every dirty accusation in his direction that they can contrive. So far, Trump is standing firm, which is totally alienating him from both liberal Democrats and their collaborating minions in the GOP. Meanwhile, he’s connecting with the people of the Heartland, who have had their fill of the lies and betrayals from inside the Beltway.

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3 Comments on Fox News Joins GOP Establishment In Attacking Trump

  1. Listen, competition brings out the ugliness in politics. This is not an epiphany to Donald Trump. He said it long ago when he said, “I may not sugar coat my message to the American people but they will have no doubt how I feel about the truth.” In a world of political double talk, I find it refreshing. Like Ben Carson, Donald Trump laid the blame at Obama’s feet for many things and opportunities squandered by Obama to be more pro-American. Obama is weak in protecting the Constitution saying it is a living document as if that were excuse enough to change it. Carson with many others will profess to defend it. Of all the GOP hopefuls, I believe in two more than the rest. It is enough to say I am certain of only one thing: I will vote in 2016 election. Let’s see how America likes a dose of salts in ugly hard truths. In the coming political arena you must be wary of where you stand because you need to be careful you don’t step into the BS left behind by many, less honest, politicians.

  2. Congratulations to Donald Trump for speaking out about what is right. He’s highlighted the stupidly of having open borders. He has highlighted the ruthlessness of the liberal media. Their lies about him have been brought to light. He’s pointed out that innocent Americans have been killed by illegal aliens who have no right to be in America. He’s brought out the fact that some cities have become “santuary cities ” which are willingly breaking the laws of our country. It is interesting that a small bakery in Oregon was fined heavily for not following the law yet the lawless operation of sanctuary cities appears is getting a free pass. Way to go Donald Trump! Please keep up the great work!

  3. Mr. Murdock has given yellow journalism a page on his network. They are heading toward the Pinocchio with the Trump juggernaut.
    Establishment politics is going to be upturned by the American people, not by the welfare American handout.

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