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With the Clintons, mistrust always pays.

A couple of weeks ago, Hillary was yucking it up with Jimmy Kimmel over the absurdity of rumors that she was hiding something about her health. Look, she can open a pickle jar!?That feels so long ago now that her campaign has admitted that she was indeed hiding something about her health 〞 a pneumonia diagnosis late last week.

Some of the diagnoses from afar of Hillary*s purported illnesses have been elaborate fantasies and she might have really been fit as a fiddle when she opened the famous pickle jar. But through her secretive handling of her pneumonia she has, once again, shown how it never pays to trust a Clinton. Bill and Hillary have a way of treating the credibility of their allies as a disposable commodity, in this case including the credibility of a protective media.

The press had worked itself into a lather in recent weeks about the illegitimacy of inquiries into Hillary*s health. They were re-paid by Clinton leaving reporters behind without notice at the September 11 memorial; nearly collapsing when she was out of their view (the incident was captured on video by a bystander); giving them a wave and a misleading ※feeling great§ outside of Chelsea Clinton*s apartment, where she had gone to recover; leaving them behind yet again to go to her home in Chappaqua and see a doctor.

Her campaign initially said Hillary ※overheated§ (on a gorgeous and mild morning in New York City). Can happen to anyone right? Well, yes 〞 and especially someone walking around with a case of pneumonia. Bill and Hillary have attracted more than their share of kooky conspiracy theories, but they have also vindicated some of the darkest suspicions of their most passionate detractors.

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The irony of Rich Lowry*s September 13 commentary is breathtaking. Throughout his article, Lowry makes a seemingly airtight case against ever trusting the Clintons or their media lapdogs over any questionable issue. So far, so good.

However at the same time that Lowry verges on hitting this ball out of the park, he also completely accepts the assertion of the Hillary campaign and its media lapdogs that the ※real truth§ of her health is that she*s suffering from pneumonia. In essence, the first two lies offered in the wake of Hillary*s near collapse during the 9-11 memorial ceremony were easily refutable, and thus another cover story had to be invented. So, based solely on the fact that the third ※explanation§ cannot be instantly dispelled, it is now to be unhesitatingly accepted by Lowry and everyone on the right as indisputable truth.

Of course, after being caught in two flagrant lies, the purpose of which was to deny any health problems exist, we are supposed to be confident that the recourse of the Hillary campaign would be total honesty. But if the pneumonia story was indeed ※fact,§ why did Hillary and her staff think they had anything to hide when they cloaked it with the first two excuses? Clearly, all three stories were and are ongoing efforts to avoid divulging information which might have serious political repercussions.

Furthermore, per standard leftist/Alinsky tactics, anyone who fails to now comply with the latest storyline is instantly disparaged as a ※conspiracy kook§ and thereafter relegated to the political ※fringe.§ Yet it was only a few weeks back that any question whatsoever of Hillary*s fitness and vitality was deemed ※sexist§ and malicious, with no room for further consideration.

Evident here is the manner in which leftists successfully dictate the framework of debating every issue of consequence, and how too many conservatives, by their Pavlovian compliance to such terms, totally drop the ball, and thus allow glaring malfeasance and fraud from Democrats to stand. Public disbelief of the initial excuse for Hillary*s behavior was so instantaneous and widespread that first an alternative excuse, and then yet another, had to be quickly put forth. Only at that time was it tenable for major media outlets to question the first two. And now that the mantra has been settled as pneumonia, any further inquiry is again off limits.

So, in Lowry*s world, it is currently acceptable to discuss Hillary*s health, but strictly as pneumonia, with nothing further allowable. Applying this same ※reasoning§ to all of the dubious Clinton family baggage, it is little wonder that nothing truly effective has been accomplished against brazen criminality ranging from horrendous and deliberate security breaches to the selling of State Department influence that were facilitated by it, to the disastrous murder of Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Benghazi Consulate members.

Elsewhere within the liberal Democrat cauldrons, Obama*s IRS chief Lois Lerner has been allowed to completely escape accountability for flagrant abuses of power, since her Fifth Amendment obfuscations simply cannot (per the dictates of leftist speech Nazis) be construed as evidence that incriminating behavior had ever occurred. So from that point forward, the weak-kneed among the ※conservative§ opposition find themselves hamstrung from further objective pursuit.

As long as the political left is allowed to frame each ensuing controversy strictly in its own terms, its version of ※truth§ will ultimately prevail. At that point it is insulated from serious investigation.

Eventually, the dire and deteriorating state of Hillary*s health will reveal itself. Only at that time can Lowry and the rest of the Republican ※mainstream§ discuss it with more thoroughness. Liberal Democrats are counting on the possibility that the election will be over by then.

E-mail Christopher G. Adamo at: chrisadamo@ สล็อตออนไลน์ผ่านมือถือ www.leonardopettinari.com

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Linda Chavez Charts a Roadmap to GOP Implosion https://www.google.com//e27/linda-chavez-charts-a-roadmap-to-gop-implosion/ /e27/linda-chavez-charts-a-roadmap-to-gop-implosion/#comments Mon, 12 Sep 2016 19:56:26 +0000 /e27/?p=768 Linda Chavez, August 26, 2016

It would be funny if the stakes weren’t so deadly serious. Donald Trump, who launched his campaign for the presidency by attacking Mexican immigrants as “rapists” and “criminals,” is suddenly embracing the idea of working out a way to give legal status to undocumented immigrants who have been here a long time and have kept out of trouble.

Trump won’t call it amnesty, of course, but his position is little different from what’s in the “Gang of Eight” bill his allies on conservative talk radio and cable shows have been deriding as amnesty for years. Of course, Trump’s position could change again between the time you begin reading this column and the time you finish it, but for the moment, let’s take Trump at his (latest) word.

In a town hall meeting hosted by Sean Hannity this week, Trump said the following: “Everybody agrees we get the bad ones out. But when I go through and I meet thousands and thousands of people on this subject, and I’ve had very strong people come up to me, really great, great people come up to me, and they’ve said, ‘Mr. Trump, I love you, but to take a person that’s been here for 15 or 20 years and throw them and their family out, it’s so tough, Mr. Trump.’ I mean, I have it all the time. It’s a very, very hard thing.” Indeed.

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From the very first line of her August 26 column, Linda Chavez proves that she will spout any distortion she deems necessary in service to her ultimate cause of amnesty for the thirty million or more foreigners currently residing in this country illegally. And considering that her mindset mirrors the ※mainstream§ of the GOP Establishment, it is no wonder that despite eight horrendous years of the Obama Administration, the Republican Party is nevertheless held in general contempt by grassroots conservatives.

In a total and deliberate misrepresentation of Donald Trump*s words, Chavez contends in the first sentence of her column that he attacked ※Mexican immigrants§ as rapists and criminals. In truth, Trump warned that rapists and criminals are indeed slipping through America*s hemorrhaging southern border along with the countless millions of others who have illegally entered. In no way did Trump ever level a blanket accusation as Chavez implies. But such details are of no consequence to the point which Chavez once again intends to make, namely that open borders is the only proper course for America.

Of course Chavez doesn*t blatantly make that statement. However, whenever the matter is discussed by her, every single precept she attempts to solidify is directed to that end. And even a cursory examination of her past writing inarguably proves that to be the unwavering policy position she holds.

Later in her commentary, Chavez actually seeks to legitimize the 2013 amnesty bill that was promoted under blatantly false pretenses by the infamous Senate ※Gang of 8.§ Chavez happily highlights the ostensibly ※bipartisan§ nature of the bill by listing the Republicans (Senators McCain, Rubio, Graham, and Flake) who participated in the treacherous effort. What she conveniently omits are the names of its Democrat collaborators, Senators Bennet (D.-CO), Durbin (D.-Il), Mendendez (D.-NJ) and Schumer (D.-NY), hard-core leftists all. Anyone with even a casual knowledge of politics inside the Beltway is instantly aware of their ultra-liberal ideology.

Also unmentioned by Chavez was the bill*s most ardent champion, Barack Obama. Irrespective of any platitudes offered by the Gang*s RINO members, Obama and his Democrat accomplices knew that their party stood to gain uncontested political supremacy, were the bill ever to be enacted. Accordingly, Chavez is as disinterested in such minutia as she has ever been, touting instead all of the imagined benefits of open borders and amnesty.

Ultimately, the singular goal of this Chavez article is to discredit Donald Trump, to the sole benefit of the Democrats in November. Despite operating under the mantle of being ※Republican§ (as have so many others who endeavor to advance the Democrat agenda), Chavez exhibits neither the intellectual honesty to effectively confront the issues facing America, nor any respect for her readership. Rather, as a ※relic§ of those bygone days of a Republican Party that existed on a foundation of empty platitudes, she offers a line of reasoning that has proven itself ambivalent to the fate of America, and contemptuous of those who earnestly seek to resuscitate it. Consequently, if Chavez and those who share her sentiments are successful, the GOP faces eventual extinction, and our once-great nation along with it.

E-mail Christopher G. Adamo at: chrisadamo@ สล็อตออนไลน์ผ่านมือถือ www.leonardopettinari.com

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Paul Ryan 每 RINO of the Year https://www.google.com//e27/paul-ryan-rino-of-the-year/ /e27/paul-ryan-rino-of-the-year/#comments Sat, 18 Jun 2016 18:43:41 +0000 /e27/?p=757 (Originally appeared at Capitol Hill Outsider)

Normally awards are handed out at the end of the year for any sort of ※person of the year§ recognition. Sometimes, however someone becomes such an obvious choice that skipping the traditional protocol seems entirely appropriate.

One such case is the first annual Capitol Hill Outsider ※RINO of the Year§ award. The recipient of this ※coveted§ honor has distinguished himself to be a RINO in every sense of the word, and in fact has gone above and beyond the call of duty of demonstrating how precisely true he is to being a ※Republican in name only§.

That person is Paul Ryan.

Mr. Ryan, since taking the position of US House Speaker, has gone to extreme lengths to ignore the party*s base. He has tirelessly undermined constitutional duty regarding spending, border control and national security vis-角-vis his positions on immigration and Syrian ※refugees§.

Mr. Ryan*s breathtaking capitulation to Obama on the $1 trillion Omnibus Bill proved that he could actually one-up his predecessor John Boehner in matters of kissing Obama*s ass. In fact, Ryan apparently sees kissing Obama*s posterior to be a matter of high duty and calling, and has done this consistently since, uh#assuming the position.

In addition, the speaker*s refusal to endorse his own party*s presidential nominee in the egotistical hope that he could come riding to the rescue at a brokered convention as the establishment White Knight, represented an astounding repudiation of the will of Republican primary voters, who voted for Donald Trump in record shattering numbers.

Ryan did finally endorse Mr. Trump (under pressure from other, more practical RINOs), although it was the most awkward moment since Joe Biden creepily rubbed the shoulders of Stephanie Carter while her husband was being sworn in as Defense Secretary.

Since Ryan*s tepid endorsement, he has still continued to criticize Trump over virtually everything while couching his ※endorsement§ in ambiguous, thinly veiled threats.

The cherry on top of the proverbial banana split however, is Ryan*s recent claim that he would ※sue§ Donald Trump if as president Trump carried out his stated plans to pause Muslim immigration into this country (an idea now favored by at least half of the country).

Ryan says he would sue any president who exceeded his constitutional authority. ?Without getting into a lengthy explanation, the President actually does have the authority to bar certain groups from migrating to the U.S.

Ironically, Ryan (and pretty much all RINOs) never display this sort of opposition to Obama or other Democrats. The ※opposition§ party seems to exist for the sole purpose of opposing their own base. Since becoming their ※leader§, Ryan has brought this to an entirely new level.

For exceeding all RINO expectations, the choice is clear 每 Paul Ryan is our RINO of the year.

? Copyright by Chip McLean, 2016. All rights reserved.

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An Open Letter to Senator Ted Cruz: https://www.google.com//e27/and-open-letter-to-senator-ted-cruz/ /e27/and-open-letter-to-senator-ted-cruz/#comments Mon, 30 May 2016 18:38:36 +0000 /e27/?p=750 May 30, 2016

Dear Senator Cruz,

Thank you for your courageous and unwavering stand against the corruption within both major political parties inside the Beltway, and the manner in which you have sought to confront it. Your tireless efforts, both prior to and during your presidential campaign, have achieved an enormous benefit to America, insofar as the root problems have now been largely made known to the American people.

Many of your staunch supporters have struggled to know exactly how to proceed since the suspension of your campaign. And with so much of America*s future hanging in the balance in this November*s presidential election, the course you chart in the upcoming months will be enormously consequential. Unfortunately, a vast amount of bad information and advice is clouding any worthy efforts of true grassroots conservatives to save the country and ※Reignite the Promise of America.§ I would therefore like to offer some observations and analysis of how ※We the People§ need to proceed from here.

First, it must be clearly understood that although the Trump phenomenon represents an unprecedented groundswell of righteous anger and patriotic emotion among many of its participants, this is by no means a guarantee of either a victory in November or a well-crafted and worthwhile agenda, should Donald Trump win the White House. Secondly, it will not be up to the American people to make the Trump effort successful, in the absence of a properly executed campaign. Rather, the onus of rallying and uniting the people falls on Mr. Trump himself. Bludgeoning recalcitrant voters with bullying and name-calling, or excoriating them as the impending ※reason§ for a Democrat victory, will only serve to reaffirm all of their former hesitance to support Donald Trump.

Banking on the fear of Hillary, by itself, is also a losing proposition. While warning of the danger she poses ?is both necessary and worthwhile, as a campaign strategy, fear of the opposition historically only motivates about forty percent of the electorate. The defeats of Bush 41 in 1992, Bob Dole in *96, John McCain in 2008, and Mitt Romney in 2012 serve as ample evidence of this. Fear alone did not suffice, leaving the Democrats to eek out a majority, which is ultimately all that matters to them. It is ludicrous and dangerous to presume that these realities will spontaneously change, of their own accord, during this election cycle.

Moreover, it is na?ve to presume that if Hillary continues to sag in the polls, Democrats will merely coast into the general election, knowing that their loss is inevitable and passively conceding it. Such foolishness and ineptitude is the stuff of the GOP ※Establishment,§ which seeks to placate and appease. In contrast, Democrats fight to win. The likelihood is great that, if Hillary*s campaign cannot move ahead, Vice-President Joe Biden will suddenly be substituted as the ※savior§ of the political left, and all America. At that point, if the only rallying cry of the Republicans has been ※Not as bad as Hillary,§ they will be left scrambling at the last minute, while lacking any viable ammunition.

For America to avoid this dire scenario, and presuming that Donald Trump does indeed remain the nominee, another distinctly different element must be established, and steadfastly preserved as an essential pillar of his campaign. And this is where your stature and principle may become relevant, though the final outcome still depends on Trump doing the right thing, and remaining committed to that course.

Much of Donald Trump*s phenomenal initial momentum resulted from two precepts, both of which established an enormous emotional connection to the American people. They were the promise to fix the nation*s disastrous border policy, along with the less specific (but extremely energizing) promise to ※Make America Great Again.§ Throughout all of his wavering on many other significant issues, it is these two on which grassroots America pins its hope that he will indeed resuscitate our beleaguered country.

An intransigent commitment to ※build the wall,§ and resetting the nation*s priorities to putting its citizens ahead of foreigners, is essential. This includes both illegal aliens moving in from Mexico and Central America, as well as the ominous influx of Islamists masquerading as ※refugees§ from the Middle-East with the treacherous collaboration of Barack Obama.

Also, it is essential that the Supreme Court is not given over to a majority of leftist globalists, such as those previously appointed by Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, whose goal is not to uphold the Constitution but to circumvent it. Fortunately, Donald Trump has already made a smart move in this direction by releasing his initial list of possible nominees, all of whom have established reputations as constitutional originalists. Again Senator Cruz, this is an area in which your inarguable eloquence can reaffirm the critical importance of remaining fixed on this course.

At this juncture, Donald Trump*s base of support, while large and energized, is both finite and fixed. Expanding it requires affirmation of the concerns of Americans that transcend the tactics that brought him to this point. Much of his appeal has been based on optimism, that can potentially degenerate into wishful thinking, and ultimately self-delusion among his staunchest of supporters. In the end however, it is only reality that will prevail.

Those with whom Trump has successfully made an emotional connection will remain in his camp. From here forward, it is the principled and thoughtful Americans to whom you*ve always appealed morally and intellectually, who will either rally to a worthy cause, or disperse in the absence of one.

Senator Cruz, the timeless principles of national restoration are as immutable now as they have been throughout history. Your presidential aspirations may have been shelved, at least for the moment. But the fight for America is far from over and your participation is still as crucial to the fate of ※We the People§ as it has ever been.


Christopher G. Adamo

Editor, สล็อตออนไลน์ผ่านมือถือ www.leonardopettinari.com

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Paul Ryan: The sore loser RINO https://www.google.com//e27/paul-ryan-the-sore-loser-rino/ /e27/paul-ryan-the-sore-loser-rino/#comments Fri, 06 May 2016 18:55:44 +0000 /e27/?p=741 Is there anything more pathetic than a RINO?

And of the pathetic RINOs, is there anything more pathetic than Paul ※Rino§ Ryan?

Here*s a man who put the little ※e§ in GOPe.

Ryan claimed he didn*t want to be House speaker, but as soon as the establishment called him he was on board.

Ryan also has claimed he isn*t interested in becoming the presidential nominee if the Republicans go to a brokered convention. If you believe that, I have some ocean front property in Tulsa, Oklahoma I*d like to sell you.

This ruse of Ryan not backing the party*s presumed nominee is proof positive that he still wants to come in as the establishment knight in shining armor and ※grudgingly§ accept the nomination.

Even more laughable is Ryan*s claim that Trump isn*t ※conservative enough§. Ryan has supported every bad trade deal in history and like the rest of the GOPe, is also very enamored of granting amnesty to every Juan, Margarita and Achmed that crashes our border.

If supporting those things is the new criteria for ※conservative§, I*m very happy that Trump isn*t one.

The speaker of the house is supposed to be supportive of the candidate that wins the nomination. It appears that Ryan would rather sabotage any possible unity remaining after a tough primary season in order to further his own unspoken presidential aspirations.

If Ryan wants the presidency, he needs to immediately resign as speaker, announce his intentions and dazzle us with all of his ※conservative§ positions.

Barring that he needs to shut his pie-hole and at least act like he*s a team player.

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Will GOP Uphold Cruz ※Firewall§ Against Obama Supreme Court Takeover? https://www.google.com//e27/will-gop-uphold-cruz-firewall-against-obama-supreme-court-takeover/ /e27/will-gop-uphold-cruz-firewall-against-obama-supreme-court-takeover/#comments Tue, 16 Feb 2016 01:07:44 +0000 /e27/?p=735 By: Elise Viebeck, The Washington Post

February 14, 2016

Ted Cruz vowed Sunday to filibuster any nomination made by President Barack Obama to replace the late Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia.

“Absolutely,” he said on ABC’s “This Week” when asked if he would block any nominee named by Obama this year.

“This is a 5-4 court,” the Texas senator said. “This next election needs to be a referendum on the court. The people need to decide. I’m very glad that the Senate is agreeing with what I called for, that we should not allow a lame duck to essentially capture the Supreme Court in the waning months of his presidency.”

Cruz and presidential rival Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) have led the Republican field in calling for the Senate to refuse to consider a nominee to replace Scalia this year. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., seemed to agree Saturday, saying in a statement that the vacancy should “not be filled until we have a new president.”

Cruz dismissed the notion that the Senate has an obligation to consider an Obama nominee since the presidential election is still about nine months away. “Not remotely,” he said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Scalia’s unexpected death has upended the political debate and introduced a new dynamic into the 2016 Republican presidential primary, as candidates seek to convince voters that they should pick Scalia’s replacement.

Still, not every member of the Republican presidential field is adamant that the Senate should not consider an Obama nominee this year.

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Rather than merely reacting to the tragic death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and the potentially disastrous consequences his untimely departure may portend for America, it is crucially important to assess how we got to such a detestable place. Only in this manner can we hope to properly navigate our way back to sanity and any assurance of the preservation of America.

Many conservatives are rightly expressing their alarm at the prospect that a single new Obama appointee on the court would most assuredly spell doom for the Constitution, and thus for the nation. But this appalling circumstance did not occur overnight. In conjunction with the relentless Democrat assault on traditional America that has ensued over the past several decades, a long chain of Republican betrayals and shameless pragmatism ultimately rendered the Democrat onslaught effective.

In far too many cases, the elitism and cronyism of Capitol Hill has supplanted honesty and the constitutional bedrock of the nation. Consequently, safeguards against abuses and tyranny, instituted by the founders in their wisdom and foresight, have been dangerously eroded. The modern ※Ruling Class§ finds it easy to offer empty, self-serving platitudes in lieu of worthy governing principles. And all too often, such indefensible behavior goes unquestioned, either by elected officials or even ※conservative§ talking heads.

Now, with no wiggle room left, America is forced to reckon with the possibility that the placement of a single individual on the High Court could make or break its future. This was not how our great nation was ever intended to operate.

Consider the current makeup of the court and the total dereliction of congressional oversight it represents. In each ensuing case heard by the court, analysts ponder how the five Republican appointees will weigh the merits. And their final decisions are never guaranteed one way or the other. Yet in any and every case involving a left/right political question, nobody doubts for a single moment that all four of the Clinton/Obama appointees will always take the liberal position. Such an unbroken track record renders them not ※jurists,§ and certainly not defenders of the Constitution, but unscrupulous and dangerously empowered political hacks.

In truth, the GOP has been in a position to prevent such desecration of our constitutional government. However, for purely self-serving political reasons, it has too often refused to do so. The original intent of the Senate confirmation process was as an indispensable component of the ※Rock, Paper, Scissors§ structure of government that would ensure no single branch could ever achieve uncontested power. From this perspective, no justice should ever be allowed to ascend to the high court without a proven track record of loyalty to the nation and its founding ideals.

Unfortunately, such noble principle was eventually supplanted by shallow platitudes that virtually guarantee a total corruption of the court. In recent decades Republicans, seeking to avoid controversy and media backlash, have ignored nominees* prior episodes of flagrantly extra-constitutional adjudicating or the total lack of evidence of actual fidelity to the Constitution, and focused instead on legal credentials. Thus, the ability of a nominee to answer difficult questions of ※jurisprudence§ is accepted as proof of qualification, rather than any serious examination of the nominee*s past track record. Were the history of any Obama or Clinton nominee seriously included in the confirmation process, not a single one of them could be deemed fit to serve on any high federal court.

Yet the Republican Establishment has at its disposal another empty platitude by which to dodge this constitutional responsibility. At some point, morally bankrupt and rudderless political players began mouthing the empty platitude that ※the president should be allowed his choice of nominees.§ In their world, this is what passes for statesmanship. But in truth it embodies every despicable precept of an elitist ※Ruling Class.§ More ominously still, it undermines an essential check on the power of the presidency to morph the court into an unaccountable cornerstone of metastasizing tyranny.

Fortunately, Senator Ted Cruz (R.-TX) has promised to stand in unshakable opposition to the prospect of Barack Obama putting this final nail into the coffin of constitutional government. And given the consistency of Cruz*s past willingness to stand (alone if necessary) against the evil liberal tide, America can be confident that he will keep his word. Of less certainty is whether the Republican Senate majority, which from a purely constitutional perspective has the absolute authority to stop Obama*s evil plan dead in its tracks, will rise to the challenge and stand in the gap for America.

Phony liberal hysterics and raucous media backlash are absolutely inevitable. The Washington Post is already caterwauling that opposition to an Obama nominee might signal disaster for the GOP in November. And if recent history is any indicator, America can expect a brief token ※opposition§ effort from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Republican Establishment, followed once again by total betrayal. Yet at this juncture, McConnell is to be credited for espousing the right principles. Perhaps it is overly optimistic to hope that he stays the course. On the other hand, if he does remain true to his words of the past few days, and is able to maintain solidarity among Senate Republicans, it would represent a glimmer of the principles which they were elected to uphold.

E-mail Christopher G. Adamo at: chrisadamo@ สล็อตออนไลน์ผ่านมือถือ www.leonardopettinari.com

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The Phoney-Baloney RNC https://www.google.com//e27/the-phoney-baloney-rnc/ /e27/the-phoney-baloney-rnc/#comments Mon, 15 Feb 2016 14:17:16 +0000 /e27/?p=731 For some time now I have been writing (as have many others) of the Washington establishment#that our entire political process has been controlled by the wealthy corporate class. It has never been more evident that this is true than what was seen at last night*s Republican primary debate in Greenville, SC.

Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush 每 candidates who have been consistently polling low 每 were met with resounding cheers for making pro-amnesty, ※big gubmit§ statements. Meanwhile this same group went out of their way to lustily ※boo§ the other candidates 每 especially Donald Trump.

What we already knew has been confirmed#by Chad Groover, the chairman of the Greenville County Republican Party who?told Breitbart News?that the bulk of the tickets went to big donors. In other words, they stacked the deck.

It didn*t take Donald Trump calling them out to know this was the case. The establishment bias was in full display for everyone to witness.

I*m actually glad this bias was so obvious 每 because it should now be evident to anyone with any discernable grey matter to see it for what it most assuredly is 每 a thoroughly corrupt system controlled by big moneyed interests. The wonder is that these stupid SOB*s are actually so stupid as to put on such a bizarre display.

Their contempt for regular voters and middle America 每 who have been the victims of this charade for too long 每 was unmistakable.

Well ※gentlemen§ of the RNC, the revolution is on. You*re a bunch of phony baloneys and the entire country knows it.

? Copyright by Chip McLean, 2016. All rights reserved.


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The Genie is Out of the Bottle https://www.google.com//e27/the-genie-is-out-of-the-bottle/ /e27/the-genie-is-out-of-the-bottle/#comments Wed, 10 Feb 2016 23:44:42 +0000 /e27/?p=727 I*ll say it 每 stick a fork in the GOPe 每 the establishment is done. For too long the GOP elites and wealthy donor class have counted on all those ※little people§ to vote for the candidates they have selected. Their rallying cry, ※Vote for (fill in the blank) 每 he*s the only alternative you have to one of those evil democrats being elected§ was a familiar refrain.

There were the failed presidential candidates (Dole,McCain & Romney) who we were told were more ※electable§ by these kingmakers.

※Give us the House, we*ll stand up to Obama!§ they cried. Then, ※we need the Senate too 每 then we*ll really show Obama who*s boss!§ Once elected these establishment congress critters proceeded to sell out 每 just like they always do, and gave Obama everything he ever asked for. In the meantime, the ※little people§ got the shaft again. The GOPe loves our votes but despise us. For years they have looked down their noses at a declining middle America. They felt nothing but contempt for those who lost jobs due to bad trade agreements and Washington*s utter disregard for immigration laws.

But something happened this year. Middle America has finally snapped and said ※no more§. No more rich donor class telling us who to vote for. No more insincere promises of upholding the constitution. And yesterday New Hampshire has proved once and for all that the GOPe*s number is up. Next comes my home state 每 South Carolina#I don*t expect the establishment will fare any better there.

The campaigns of establishment choices Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio outspent that of the ※outsiders§ in astronomical numbers but yielded anemic results. The establishment was not just beaten, they were trounced.

The establishment didn*t get just how angry everyday, working Americans have become 每 that their anger at career politicians* consistent betrayals to their ideals and values has reached the boiling point. Anyone who has been watching this for the last few years should have known this was coming 每 everyone but the establishment it seems, who perhaps saw but refused to believe their days of control were over.

The complicit establishment media will try to paint this in terms of the voters having a temper tantrum, but it*s much more than that. The genie is out of the bottle and the establishment faces a perhaps insurmountable task of trying to put him back.


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Chris Ruddy thinks we should give Jeb Bush a ※second chance§ https://www.google.com//e27/chris-ruddy-thinks-we-should-give-jeb-bush-a-second-chance/ /e27/chris-ruddy-thinks-we-should-give-jeb-bush-a-second-chance/#comments Fri, 05 Feb 2016 23:28:18 +0000 /e27/?p=723 Newsmax founder Chris Ruddy is making an appeal for ※conservatives§ to vote for Jeb Bush. สล็อตออนไลน์ผ่านมือถือIn his column today Ruddy extols Bush*s ※leadership§ abilities. Bush certainly is the leader in terms of campaign money spent with the least results to show for it (over $100 million and polling in single digits).

Ruddy also displayed glowing admiration for Bush wanting to be ※inclusive§ by ※reaching out to Hispanics§#translated, he supports amnesty for future Democrat Party voters.

Ruddy sums up his column thusly:

With all of the noise in the current campaign, it*s vitally important we conservatives look for a leader with a strong track record, a real leader.?(emphasis mine)

Surely the American people will look for these qualities come November 〞 and Jeb has them in spades.?

We conservatives§? Jeb Bush is an amnesty supporting ※big gubmit§ RINO who dances to whatever tune the wealthy donor class and the US Chamber of Commerce play. He could only be considered ※conservative§ if you were comparing him to Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. If this is what Chris Ruddy thinks ※conservatives§ want, then he needs to discontinue referring to himself as one.

Newsmax#just another word for establishment.

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Michigan GOP 7th District Tells Rep. Walberg to Impeach https://www.google.com//e27/michigan-gop-7th-district-tells-rep-walberg-to-impeach/ /e27/michigan-gop-7th-district-tells-rep-walberg-to-impeach/#comments Thu, 04 Feb 2016 20:10:05 +0000 /e27/?p=718 (Editor’s note: This column appeared originally at สล็อตออนไลน์ผ่านมือถือCapitol Hill Outsider)

Republican House Representative from Michigan*s 7th District Tim Walberg was once a leading ※birther§ not so long ago, when he was seeking a seat in the U.S. House in the 2010 election. This is a VIDEO of Representative Walberg at a local town hall meeting during his bid for the U.S. House in 2010, in which Mr. Walberg acknowledges the known ※birther§ (Constitutional eligibility) questions surrounding Barack Hussein Obama, and mentions the word ※impeachment§ for the first time#

On January 26, 2016, the 7th District of the Michigan Republican Party passed a Resolution calling upon their U.S. House Representative Tim Walberg, to initiate TNALC Articles of Impeachment against Barack Hussein Obama, deemed by Mr. Walberg and many House and Senate Republicans to be the most impeachable administration in U.S. history. (HERE IS THE SIGNED RESOLUTION)

The 7th District GOP covers seven Michigan counties and is represented by twenty-five District GOP Committee members, twenty-four of whom were present for the vote last week. The 7th District Resolution for Impeachment passed by a 14-10 vote.

In a pre-meeting ahead of the official gathering, the committee was unanimous on the following issues#

  • Barack Hussein Obama is guilty of impeachable offenses
  • Barack Hussein Obama has been very destructive to the USA and continues to be
  • Impeachment is the proper constitutional solution to Obama treason, tyranny and treachery
  • Obama should be impeached

However, as indicated by the 14-10 vote on the Resolution to Impeach, members of the 7th District were not quite so united, given the opportunity to take an official stand on the record. In part, this may be due to the fact that Representative Walberg and two aides decided to show up and speak against the impeachment resolution, after the pre-meeting and before the actual vote was taken.

Even though Representative Walberg has been a very outspoken critic of Barack Obama*s since 2010, speaking about how ※we are slaves of government§ in this May 2014 VIDEO, and then just last November, Representative Walberg had this to say about the threat of Obama aiding and abetting known terrorists across the Middle East and importing them to the USA under the guise of ※refugee resettlement§ #

※Michigan has a long and rich tradition as a welcoming state, and we can provide humanitarian assistance while at the same time prioritizing the safety of our citizens. Given the recent terrorist attacks abroad and the very real threats we face, it is common sense to pause Syrian refugee admissions until a thorough review of our security processes is conducted. We need absolute certainty that rigorous vetting procedures are in place and enhanced safety measures are taken to protect the people of Michigan and all Americans. Ultimately, we need a plan to address the root cause of the refugee crisis〞the President*s failed foreign policy in the region〞and develop a strategy to destroy, not merely try to contain, ISIS,§ said Walberg.

Last October, Walberg had this to say about Obama*s weakening of our own military#

※It*s reckless and wrong for President Obama to veto the critical funding our military needs at a time of escalating threats at home and abroad. In just the fifth veto of this entire presidency, the President has undercut our sacred constitutional responsibility to provide for a strong national defense. It’s a sad day when a bipartisan bill to ensure our troops are equipped to carry out their missions and keep America safe is vetoed purely for political gamesmanship to force an increase of deficit spending,§ said Walberg.

But Walberg stopped short of saying it the way DNC Vice Chair Tulsi Gabbard said it on Real Time HBO. Gabbard essentially accuses the Obama Administration of aiding and abetting known enemies of the United States, including working hand-in-hand with ISIS in the Middle East, and giving rise to the Muslim caliphate. (VIDEO HERE)

However, after the 7th District vote in support of Impeachment last week, Representative Walberg was singing a very different tune, while chatting it up with constituents who had just given him GOP marching orders on Impeachment from his entire District#.

7th District GOP Committee member Jimmie Minnick, Jr. talked about his motivations in an interview with TNALC Radio here and here. Just like Carroll County in Tennessee and Gratiot County in Michigan a few days before, GOP Committees at the County and District level have been working to pass a resolution supporting impeachment for months now. Why?

Because House Republicans like Louie Gohmert of Texas and Scott DesJarlais of Tennessee have been stating that they know they can and should impeach, but ※the people do not support impeachment

Yet even after the 7th District passed their Resolution, Representative Walberg told constituents that ※he knows of no reason to impeach Obama#§ 每 his memory lapse of all of his previous statements to the contrary notwithstanding#

Hillsdale County GOP Chairman Glenn Frobel was at the 7th District meeting and asked Representative Walberg if he would act on the resolution just passed by his district. In Mr. Frobel*s words#

Representative Walberg stated 每 ※Obama has not done anything impeachable.§ Mr. Frobel then asked Walberg, ※what about changing the Affordable Care Act with his pen?§ to which Walberg said ※The Supreme Court said he (Obama) could do that.§ The conversation concluded with Representative Walberg telling Mr. Frobel, ※get me a list of impeachable things Obama has done#§

One of Representative Walberg*s most interesting excuses was his statement to meeting attendees that he had sought counsel with Hillsdale College President Larry Arnn, who has made Hillsdale College a Tea Party favorite through their Constitutional Course.

According to Representative Walberg*s statements at the meeting, Arnn advised Walberg against impeachment, the ※constitutional solution§ for the most impeachable administration in U.S. history, which left Walberg constituents wondering, why did they elect Walberg if it is the unelected Larry Arnn who is going to make Walberg*s decisions, at odds with his District, I might add? Everyone*s a constitutionalist until the time comes to take a stand for the constitution# then many self-proclaimed constitutionalists scatter for cover.

This is why GOP registration and participation is going the way of the Whig party.

Republican politicians like Walberg want to be relevant to their voters, donors and committee members, especially at election campaign time, while at the same time sending a clear signal that none of them are relevant to Walberg.

In 2010, the people entrusted the national purse strings to Republicans in the House for the sole purpose of defunding Obama*s entire agenda against America. Since then, Republicans have defunded nothing of Obama*s agenda, not even Planned Parenthood, even after film of butchered baby parts for sale hit the internet. Five years later, the nation has doubled its national debt. It took America more than seventy years to arrive at $10 trillion in debt, and it took Obama and House Republicans only six years to double that number, with another estimated $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities#

But bankrupting the nation is not an ※impeachable offense?§ Numerous House Republicans said, if we can get control of the Senate, then we will impeach# which happened over a year ago now. Then they said, if Obama does the Iran deal, or doesn*t stop the inflow of Middle Easterners that we cannot even vet, or doesn*t comply with court orders to stop illegal immigration on our southern border, then we will impeach#. But still, nothing#

So, what are the people to do?

Tea Party and Constitution groups across America started forming State Constitution Accountability Coalitions seven months ago, in at least 29 states, for the sole purpose of pushing Republicans to impeach Obama#

The North American Law Center has proposed three Articles of Impeachment encompassing forty-eight criminal charges. GOP District Committees across the country are working to pass resolutions like the 7th District Resolution in Michigan, just to demonstrate to their elected Representatives in the House that ※We the People§ expect them to keep their oaths to defend the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, against all enemies, foreign and domestic, including a rogue administration which has become more of a threat to the well-being of our Constitutional Republic than any outside threat.

Clearly, unless forced to do the right thing by ※the people§ and GOP Committee members at the county and district levels, no one in the House intends to do the right thing.

Even the สล็อตออนไลน์ผ่านมือถือ just passed a Resolution supporting Impeachment. As long as Obama is in power, he remains a threat and it is not too late to impeach. If even treason is no longer worthy of impeachment, then nothing is#

But what kind of country will exist in the wake of Obama*s two anti-American unconstitutional terms is beyond my imagination. I can only hope and pray that there are enough real patriots left in America to join the good people of Michigan, who are leading the charge for Constitutional Accountability. If not, the future for this country is indeed frightening#

Mr. Walberg, as a Christian man, a fellow Republican, a Representative of the 7th Congressional District of Michigan and all Republicans across this country# I call upon you to grow the courage to stand with the good people of your district, for the Constitution and against the evil that currently holds our White House, while you still can# If you need a list of impeachable offenses, here they are# READ THEM!

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